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Alexander N. Gorban

Brief Information
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Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sciences
Deputy Director of Science
Head of department N3 of Modeling of Nonequilibrium Systems
Head of laboratory N3.3 of Kinetics

e_mail: gorban@icm.krasn.ru
Phone: (3912)49-47-69

Curriculum Vitae

Family name: GORBAN'
Given name: ALEXANDER
Fathers name: NIKOLAY

(Letter of the alphabet - G)
Address: Institute of Computational Modeling, Russian Academy of Sciences, Krasnoyarsk-36, 660036, Russia. E-mail: gorban@cc.krascience.rssi.ru

Born April 19, 1952, Omsk, USSR; married.
Full Professor in Modeling & Simulation.


" 1990 - Doctor of Physics & Math (Biophysics), (Second russian doctoral degree), Krasnoyarsk, Institute of Biophysics. Thesis title: "Extremal Principles and a priori Estimations in Biological and Formal Kinetics".
" 1980 - Candidate of Physics & Math (Differential Equations & Math.Phys), (First russian doctoral degree), Kuibyshev State University and Pedagogical Institute. Thesis title: "Slow Relaxations and Bifurcations of Omega-Limit Sets of Dynamical Systems".
" 1971-1973 - a student, Omsk Pedagogical Institute (Physical Department and Mathematical Department).
" 1967-1970 - a student, Novosibirsk State University (Physics).
" 1965-1967 - a pupil, Novosibirsk Special School for Physics & Mathematics.


" 1978-up now - Computing Center, USSR Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, (1978-1983 - junior researcher, 1983-1989 - senior researcher, 1989-present - head of the Nonequilibrium Systems Laboratory, 1995-present deputy director and head of the Computer sciences department); new name of the Institute: Institute of Computational Modeling, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch.
" 1977-1978 - engineer, Institute of Catalysis, USSR Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, Novosibirsk.
" 1978 - engineer, Institute of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics, USSR Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, Novosibirsk.
" 1977 - junior researcher, Tomsk Polytechnic Institute, Laboratory of Kinetics.
" 1976 - junior researcher, Omsk State University, Laboratory of Kinetics.
" 1973-1976 - engineer, Omsk Railway Engineering Institute, Research Division.


" 1972-1976 - advisor of the Omsk Physical & Mathematical School at the Omsk Pedagogical Institute.
" 1981-present - Krasnoyarsk State University associate professor, Higher Mathematics Chair (1981-1989), associate professor, Psychological Department (1989-1991).
" 1993-present - Krasnoyarsk State Technical University, head of Neurocomputers Chair.


05/1999, 08/2001-09/2001, 02/2002-06/2002 - ETH, Zurich, Switzerland.
03/2000-08/2000 - Clay Mathematics Institute, Cambridge, MA, USA.
04/2000 - Courant Mathematics Institute, NY, USA.
10/2000-12/2000, 08/2001-09/2001, 12/2002 -Institute des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques (IHES), Bures-sur-Yvette, France.

Positions held:

" Head of Nonequilibrium Systems Laboratory and Computer Sciences Department, Deputy Director, Institute of Computational Modeling, Russian Academy of Sciences, Krasnoyarsk.
" Head of Neurocomputers Chair, Krasnoyarsk State Technical University.

Expert positions:

" Chairman of the Analytic Games Committee, Krasnoyarsk.
" Ministry of Science and Technology Russian Federation, Head of Workgroup on Neurocomputing.
" Soros Professor.

Membership of Associations

" Full member of Russian Psychological Association (1989).
" Director of Krasnoyarsk International AMSE Center (Association for the Advancement of Modeling and Simulation Techniques in Enterprises) (1990).
" Active member of International Informatization Academy (1994).
" Member of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) (1997).
" Member of Advisory Board Russian Neural Networks Society.


of 51 conferences, including 11 international, position as a member of organizing committee or a (co-)chairman at 14 conferences, including 5 international.

Leader of 18 full-scale Analytic Games, including:
" "Project of a Free Economic Zone of the Leningrad Region" (Leningrad, September 1990);
" "Problems of Russian Culture" (Krasnoyarsk, June 1991);
" "Critical Situations at a Transfer to a Market" (Krasnoyarsk, December 1990).

Co-organizer of 15 Krasnoyarsk Summer Schools, organizer of 2 Tobolsk Summer Schools for Talented Children.


14 monographs, 4 patents, over 200 articles.

Research interests:

" Architecture of neurocomputers and training algorithms for neural networks,
" Dynamics of systems of physical, chemical and biological kinetics,
" Adaptance of humans to hard living conditions,
" Methods and technologies of collective thinking.

меипнхмтнплюрхйю ахнкнцхъ йхмерхйю
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